Realty ONE Group Emerald

We were not created to fit in a box! As a seasoned agent, I have hung my license under too many brokers in search of a place that truly cared about ME as a person. I cannot express my gratitude for the level of support I have received from the staff all the way to our Fearless Leader Brian Phelt. Realty ONE Group Emerald is the “UNbrokerage”, where individuality is welcomed and encouraged! Finally, I am allowed to be ME! We all have God given talents. Being here I have grown into the BEST ME personally and professionally. I appreciate the opportunities we have to visit ONE-on-ONE to discuss our personal and business goals and HOW to bring them to life. SERVICE! We are all here to be in service ONE to another. No ONE knows it all. We always have room for growth. I am humbled and honored to take what I have learned through my experience and share that as a mentor. Mentorship is provided to any agent that wants it. I love that those of us that have been doing this a while are willing to share our secrets of success. There’s no secret to Real Estate. All you have to do is ask and there is always someone willing to help you here at ROGE. We are FAMILY.